South African
journalist & media databases,
created for you on demand.

Customised, relevant and freshly-checked.

Great publicity

requires a darn good media list.

Outsource your media lists to Encyclomedia and receive media contacts expertly researched and matched to exactly what you need for your next news release or media event.

No more sending out media releases to vague lists of journalists that can only harm your reputation and get your emails deleted, or worse, blocked.

For good media relations, quality is always more important than quantity.

Many journalists receive hundreds of PR pitches a day and no longer have patience for those PRs who don’t ensure their emails are aimed at the right journalists for the right press release.

Encyclomedia will get your media match-making off to the right start with all the media contacts that exactly cover the topic or industry for your next news story.

“Because it’s not about building lists, but about the relationships those lists can build.”
Robynn de Klerk

Founder, Encyclomedia

90-Day Guarantee:

If an email bounces, or you think we missed an important contact, we’ll be on standby to investigate and update your list for 90 days after you receive it, at no charge.

No subscriptions

Simply pay a once-off price for the exact list you need, when you need it. Click over to see the pricing for the individual databases, and note that discounts can apply for multiple lists.

Encyclomedia database features


Freshly checked

All journalists’ details are checked fresh to order, with nothing older than 90 days.


Researched for you

Give us your publicity brief and we’ll find all the right journalists you need to match your press release or PR campaign.

Highly targeted

Choose the exact beat you need, and customise by media type and region too.


Full bio & contact details

Including email, phone, Twitter handles and full descriptions of journalists’ positions, beats, topics of interest, contact preferences, etc.

No subscription

Simply pay a once-off price for the exact media list you need, when you need it.


Most relevant contacts

Bloggers, radio & TV producers, freelancers, editors and reporters across all media types – we’ll find the most relevant contacts you need.

Your media list is the foundation to your best PR work

Freshly checked and accurate media contacts give you more PR opportunities.

And more time to leverage them.

Some frequently asked questions:

What beats do you cover?
From financial services to food or fashion, we can pull together a database on just about any topic or industry that journalists cover. See examples on our pricing page here or contact us for a customised quote.
In what format will I receive the database?
You’ll receive the database in an Excel spreadsheet, or a .csv file if you prefer, which you could upload to Google Sheets to easily share and collaborate with your team.
Will the media list be mine to edit & change?
Yes, the media list you purchase will be yours to edit and change as you like. You can upload the Excel database to Google Sheets too to easily collaborate with your team.
What media types do you include?
Every media type you can think of that’s relevant to the beat you want to cover. That includes all print, radio, TV, websites and blogs. Let us know though if you only want a certain media type (like magazines or blogs) for a highly targeted list and we can do that for you.
What if emails bounce back?

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes a journalist that we’ve just checked and verified will be assigned a new email address the very next day. We never know where and when the next media change will happen, but we offer this added-value service for your peace of mind:

For three months after you receive your database from us, we’ll be on standby to investigate any email bounce-backs or other media changes you might come across. Gratis, no charge.

What if you missed a media contact I need?
Oops, did we? But no problem. Provided of course that the media title or journalist you need is relevant to the particular database you order, we’ll quickly find and add the missing info you need.
South African media contacts only?
If you’re looking for media from other African countries, sadly, we aren’t able to help with that (yet). But we’re pretty darn good with finding all the South African contacts you could need.
How long will it take to get my list?
Because we always freshly check each database before you receive it, it can sometimes take anything from a few hours to a few days to reach the journalists and update their details. Generally, the larger the database, the more time we’ll need.

However, if you need a list urgently, we can provide you with an interim list to give you a head start while we continue verifying the remaining journalists’ details. An interim list will include all the journalists already recently checked.

When last was it updated?
Aha, the big question!

Some database providers will say ‘updated daily’, but take a moment to consider what that means. How many contacts were updated daily? Was it that radio producer you need to call, or that online content editor you need to email? Probably not.

With thousands of journalists out there, it’s simply not possible to keep everything perfectly up-to-date all the time using the traditional ‘updated daily’ method.

Which is why we don’t do that.

Instead, we’ll freshly create the exact list of contacts you need to match your client, project or PR campaign. We’ll ensure that nothing is older than 90 days, although most of the journalists would’ve been checked within the last few days of your order.

And remember that if any media changes happen, we’ll happily investigate and update for another 30 days after you get your list.

Any more questions?

Choose a single media database for a once-off price, or order multiple media lists and receive a discount. Every list will be freshly checked just before you receive it.

Not sure where to start? Email us your brief for the media contacts you need and we’ll send you a quote for the best media database to match.

Have you tried our free Media Alerts service?

While of course you need a great media list to find all the right journalists, sometimes those journalists are looking for you!

With Media Alerts, you’ll receive a daily email including all the editorial requests from journalists looking for experts to interview, products to review, or information for the stories they’re working on.

There’s no cost to sign up (on our Media Alerts website here) – it’s our way of further building better media relations between media and public relations.